Brion Gysin film Hotel Bardo: Watch clips

Hotel Bardo is a film by Stanley Schtinter – “a parapsychological summoning of the artist Brion Gysin”. Four chapters are available as Hotel Bardo: Dreamachine, Dreamachine (2), Norton’s Cut-Up and In The House Of The Last London.

Beat Museum-Bardo Hotel, is the title of a Gysin manuscript. In edited form it was published, in 1985, as The Last Museum – Gysin’s final novel. The book places the Beat Hotel in the Bardo, the intermediate death state in some schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

The film Hotel Bardo (2018) features:

Dreamachine, a camera moves 360° around the Dreamachine stroboscopic light device.

Dreamachine (2) the writer Robert Macfarlane and poet Rod Mengham respond to visions summoned by the flickering light.

Norton’s Cut-Up, Iain Sinclair performs as Norton who, on what would’ve been Brion Gysin’s 100th birthday, took a newspaper from the present day, and a newspaper from the morning of his birth, cut them up, and reassembled the fragments at random.

The House Of The Last London documents Sinclair and Alan Moore’s exploration of the bardo known as ‘the house of the Last London’.

John Akomfrah: