Dreamachine 1/0 by Siobhan Coen and Haroon Mirza

FACT magazine 2 September 2020:

“Back in 2019 artists Siobhan Coen and Haroon Mirza began work on an installation responding to a experimental stroboscopic device developed by artist Brion Gysin, legendary Beat writer and visual artist William S. Burroughs and electronics technician and programmer Ian Sommerville in 1961.

“Dreamachine 1/0 is an online adaptation of that work, featuring electronics from Ben Barwise and audio reproduction by Jack Jelfs. The film is best viewed in a darkened room with the lights dimmed and the sound on. By reconfiguring the pulses of electronic light and sound waves for a digital space, Coen & Mirza recontextualize their adaptation of this historical art experiment for contemporary times.”

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Siobhan Coen
Haroon Mirza
Ben Barwise
Jack Jelfs