Quotes by Brion Gysin

“Man is here to go. But, it will take more than the resources of energy in matter to keep him up there as long as he insists on being that animal, Man.
“Am I THAT? Am I? Am I? Am I? . . .” If I ask that I am more than THAT. Kick that Man Habit, Man. The Biological Film, now showing on Earth, can and must be rewritten. It is a lousy movie to be withdrawn Now from the dimensional screen and sent back to Rewrite.

If, indeed: In the Beginning was the Word, then, the next step is: Rub out the Word.”
– Brion Gysin. Cut-Ups: A Project For Disastrous Success, 1964.

“Writing is fifty years behind painting. I propose to apply the painters’ techniques to writing; things as simple and immediate as collage or montage. Cut right through the pages of any book or newsprint… lengthwise, for example, and shuffle the columns of text. Put them together at hazard and read the newly constituted message. Do it for yourself. Use any system which suggests itself to you. Take your own words or the words said to be “the very own words” of anyone else living or dead. You’ll soon see that words don’t belong to anyone. Words have a vitality of their own and you or anybody else can make them gush into action.” – Brion Gysin

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