I’d like to publish brief blog posts on from people who’ve:

a) Met Brion Gysin
b) Own Gysin artwork
c) Have been influenced by Gysin

For your post to be considered for the site, please answer these questions:

Who are you?

& / or

When did you meet Brion Gysin?
What happened?

& / or

When did you obtain your Gysin artwork?
What is the artwork?
How / why did you obtain the work?

& / or

How have you been influenced by Gysin?


What do you think of Gysin’s work now?
What impact does it have on you? Why is that?

Also, if you can, please send supporting photos of your
meeting / Gysin artwork / your Gysin-influenced project

The email address to contact is:

cts.ryan [at]

or use the contact form.

Thank you


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